Fremantle Fine Furniture sets great store by being ecological aware and using natural products. For all the different surface treatments only organic oils and finishes are used.

/ OILS Oils are our preferred surface treatment. Your valuable and high quality solid wood furniture is treated with an organic oil in order to achieve a uniquely silky matt sheen. Prime coating and several applications achieve water-repellent surfaces, which brings out the colour and depth of the timber to its full splendour. This gives your furniture unique character and charm.

/ VARNISH At Fremantle Fine Furniture veneered furniture is coated with high quality PU or nitro lacquer. Lacquered surfaces consist of very thin coats of different synthetic sheen: matt, satin, semi gloss or high gloss. Should you opt for a colour finish, we are happy to apply any imaginable colour according to your specification. We exclusively use low toxic paints.

/ STAINS Staining enables us to change the look of any timber furniture or veneer and gives you the option to colour match with existing furniture or installations.